Wing Chun vs Karate Black Belt


During a seminar that Sifu Shannon Moore was conducting on Wing Chun ,Chi-Sao and contact reflexes on April 13, 2012.. The gentleman wanted to see if Wing Chun could close the gap from the outside against a kicking opponent. His assumption was the Wing Chun could only work from close range. His Assumption was that Wing Chun fighting was Chi Sao even though it was explained that Chi Sao is not fighting but a tool used to sharpen contact reflexes used in fighting.. Thus FROM ANY RANGE that there is contact, be it sustained or not , a contact reflex can be developed. Answer: Wing Chun can work from all ranges AND EXCELS at close range were the fight is most imminent. Ultimately, someone is going to bridge the gap to end the fight.

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  1. Nikolay170572 говорит:

    чем они там занимаются ? человек за 150кг весом давит человека вдвое легче себя . никто никого не ударил . каким боком тут Вин Чун ?

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